Batman cape and 18 years.

Since I last wrote the Northener came and left, I caught the worst cold in 5 years and I celebrated Christmas with my lovely family in Skåne. I am writing to you very hungover, from my parents’ sofa in a rainy and grey Malmö. I am staying here (in Malmö, not in the sofa specifically) until 7th of January since the New Year’s plans changed. And I am saying hello to a two week long holiday in Skåne with my dear ones. I am post Christmas bloated, and haven’t exercised the last 3 weeks due to being sick but yesterday I did a dance class in a gym close to my parents and god it felt good shaking that ass. From tomorrow I will be back on the no sugar regime focusing on the right choices for me and starting to shape up again. I feel loose and I do not like it!

Christmas high lights 2013:

– Gabriel’s ( 2 yrs and 10 months ) crazy happy reaction to his golf gifts from my parents and myself.
– Ove the dog caught eating “janssons frestelse” straight from the tray on Christmas eve (away on a party).
– Meeting my dad’s brother and his family for the first time in 18 years. Lots of wine, laughters and catching up to do
– Long walks by the sea.
– My new cape.
– Family time with my parents.


My new cape on. Very Batmanlike or is it Dracula?


Gabriel the golfer, Not even 3 and carrying is own bag.


Elvira with that gift opening focus.


Malva is the shy one. And crazy about chocolate.


Ove the dog got stuff.


Ove the dog, post food stealing. Bloated.


Bought  a crazy fluffy white blouse. Yes, it is supposed to look like that.

ImageFour cousins and happy faces.

Á table! Four course meal and 10 glasses of wine. My parents rock their hosting and cooking skills.


Aiiifff Pad. Time for social media school and the power of hash tagging.


I love this!


Instant update. I wrote most of this post yesterday being very hungover. Today I am up early, feeling like my good old fresh self, doing some quick work fixes and then off to pick up Gabriel for his premiere at the cinema. I am taking him and my mum to see Emil och Ida. I might be the one loving it the most actually. Outside it is still dark and the there is a wind blowing and by the sound of it I think it is raining quite a bit.

I wish you all the best for the rest of this year. Didn’t it just fly away? I am happy I am leaving 2013 behind me. I have learnt a lot and I have no regrets. My arms are wide open and I am welcoming 2014 with a big smile and a very warm heart.

I am loved up for sure.


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