Movie date with that special someone.

Today was spent in the company of stars. First taking my soon to be 3 year old nephew to his first cinema experience. The movie itself was an animated version of Astrid Lindgren’s  That boy Emil and nostalgia made me fond of it. But the best part was watching Gabriel staring at the screen in awe. It was a success! He was enthralled from the first frame.

My nieces are staying with me tonight (at my parents) and we are busy fixing stuff in the kitchen and fighting over who is to use the iPad. Tomorrow at 10 o’clock we are going to Boulebar with my parents for “boule school” and brunch. My mum and dad got it for Christmas from me and I cannot wait! Pétanque!


ImagePink, bright and happy on my way to pick up my date.

ImageTickets and ready to roll.
Auntie’s got her coffee and Gabriel his juice.

ImageWe just had a Willy Wonka moment and turned pink.

Ok, so now the fight about who is to use the iPad has turned into a fight over who will help me with Ove’s leash when we go out for a quick stroll. I best dash before anyone gets hurt. At 9pm they will be in bed and I will be very focused on the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

Proud auntie says tata for now!


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