Bargain bitch has struck again.

I might have mentioned that one of my qualities that I was blessed (or cursed) with is my sixth sense of sniffing up a good fashion  bargain. And I have done it again! Spending a 1,5 hours in Malmö City I got myself a new jacket, a Dagmar dress I have been longing for since September and two new high quality sweat shirts with the little extra bling. Half price off on all ready half price! I mean, that is like close to zero isn’t it?! Here are a few examples:


A simple grey sweater goes daring with a bare back and a bit of glitter in the front. This is the Escape jumper from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. And it will be a great match to my grey new wide skirt from HM. (that is still a bit to tight, but working on it…)

House of Dagmar makes great, feminine, flattering clothes with a bit of an edge. The Swedish trio call their brand arty chic. I like arty chic. I want to look arty chic. I love how this dress drapes and flatter the curves without really hiding anything. LOVE IT!

ImageThat is not me strutting my new coat from Soaked in Luxury. That is a girl that probably paid full price for it a few months ago. My price was: € 35!


That was the first shopping alert of this year. I am looking forward to spring and I have allready set my eyes and a few things from Rodebjer and dresses in COS. So much stuff, too little money!

My head, body and heart is full of joy right now. I am here in Malmö after a week of critical news for my mum that is still in the hospital. She recovers well from the stroke and the paralysis is getting weaker as she is getting stronger. But, she got blood poisoning and it looked pretty serious. However, she has responded well on the meds and today we even took her home for a few hours and that was a joy. Soon she will be back in her bed and to her own routine living a pretty much normal life. I am so thankful and proud of my mum for fighting this and training and focusing and staying strong.

Also, in the midst of everything, I took a long walk with a very tall friend. It was -5 degrees celsius, a cold wind (so it felt like -14) and the scenery was an empty cemetary in Malmö. Sounds grim. But it was the opposite and the sun was there somehow and I was grinning myself warm. Mr C is ok and I am ok. All is ok. Whatever happens.

Image“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”, Albert Camus.


This blog has become a big SOC-session (stream of consciousness). I need to share this fantastic shot of Ove the Dog that Andy ( the dog walker) took of him in the week back home in Stockholm. So crisp and lovely. If you like dogs and you enjoy watching nice shots of Ove and his dog nursery pals, take a look on Instagram at Andyshundar.

ImageA colourful start of a good day of LCHF-nutrition. I am proud to say that I have been doing well for a couple of weeks and starting to feel better in my body. I been going to lots of dance classes and started with body combat again (ouch!) as well.  Adrenaline and worry have done their share of butt kicking and I am not alone in this. My dad is mr LCHF rignt now and doing super well. I am inspired!


A bit of this and a bit of that. Wishing all you out there a lovely Saturday. Come what may, I feel ready for it.



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