Books, OMG-moments and back flips.

Routines are coming back and I am now back home in Nacka planning for my week of lots of work, healthy eating and training. I am determined to start running again, slowly but surely, indoors in the gym before spring comes. My mamma is finally back home from the hospital and she is doing great! I could not be more happy.

ImageNever underestimate the “OMG”-feeling a suprise bouquet of flowers left by your door leaves a woman (or a man). It works, trust me!

ImageAnother OMG-moment I would like to share with you is the restaurant where we had our Friday dinner. Fantastic food and the staff was amazing. We had no reservations so were sat by the bar eating, chatting away and listening to the energetic lady behind the counter. Great food, great people, great company. We left filled up with quality food and a great buzz. I recommend Michelle van der Milles and the chicken paillard to all you loved up ones or the ones in need of love out there. Go for it!


What was I thinking? On Saturday, for the relaxed TV-snack/dinner I insisted to get this Zinfandel wine with a Maria Montazami label. Too sweet, and fruity. Not doing that one again.


Cheese overload! In an honest attempt to focus yet again on an LCHF-regime we did a big cheese plate and meets for dinner. It was gorgeous and stinky. So stinky i had to shower instead of getting desert (well, we didn’t have a desert anyhow…) after dinner.


At home! Relaxing and feeling good. Ove the dog is happy, I am happy.

Many OMG-moments to be had! Books inspire me at the moment, more than for a long time. Especially looking forward to Andrew Kauffman’s “The Tiny Wife”, Jonathan Safran Foer “Everything is Illuminated” and Carl – Johan Vallgrens “Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia.” Best get reading!

Those are the OMG-moments I needed to share with you from this weekend.. But keep tuned!


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