Best bread and new BFFs.

Spent a great Wednesday working from home today and I had two of my blonde BFFs coming over for lunch. And Ove the dog has a new BFF. I am feeling the sugar addiction/craving coming at me today. Day 3 on cutting way back on carbs. A little bit shaky but nothing that rocks the boat. Having a rest day from the gym and am still on track.

Oh – and I baked. Well, bake is not the proper name for it. Super easy and gorgeous bread that stays fresh forever in the fridge. It is fully gluten free and no yeast. It looks like this:

ImageBake it yourself, why don’t you?! Go on! This is how you make this all nuts/seed LCHF-bread. You need (euro measurements sorry my cross-Atlantic readers):

100g almonds
100g hazelnuts
100g walnuts
100g crushed flax seeds
100g peeled sesame seeds
150g sunflower seeds
150g pumpkin seeds
6 eggs
1 dl olive oil
salt flakes
Switch the oven on 150 degrees celsius. Prepare a baking tin with some baking paper. Mix all the nuts and the seeds in a large bowl. No need to cut anything just gently stir it all together. Mix the eggs, oil and the salt in a separate bowl. Whip it up gently. Poor the eggs over onto the nut mix and stir it all together to a good solid “dough”. Then into the baking tin, and straight into the oven for about 60 minutes. Done and ready to eat. Slice the bread in really thin slices and use whatever topping you love the most. I warmly recommend avocado with mayonnaise or some butter and strong cheese and cucumber.
Lunch at mine: super big mega meat balls with sun dried tomatoes a creamy sauce and cauli flower and cream cheese mash.
Desert was eaten in a swirl. Russian yoghurt, raw cacao nibs, strawberries and some crunched Brazil nuts.

Bonding between species. New BFFs.blogg5feb8
Bonding between species. New BFFs.

Looks as if Ove the dog is missing is little J. Come back soon! Also, for all you GIRLS fans out there who are allready tuning in to season 3. This is Ove the dog imitating Hannah when she gets stuck in that antique chair they find on the roadtrip on their way to Jessa. You see it?Image
Happy, go, lucky!.
Have a good sugar free evening folks! I know I will.

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