I did it! This morning I am still buzzing from yesterday’s workout and am wide awake at 5 am. A tiny headache is still lingering which I think will be cured with a good breakfast and lots of water.

Friday is here, it will be a bit of a working weekend. Branding strategies and fun stuff and lots of training! Eyes wide open and so I embark this day. Also hoping to hang with BFF A and her kiddos a bit.

I am a stats nerd. Love my jawbone up tool!

WATER! My lovely smoothie cup from Blueberry will only contain water for a while during my sugar detox. Being blessed with clean water straight from the tap I am not complaining.

Wishing you a lovely Friday! Now, my breakfast is screaming my name! COMING! Oh, speaking about breakfasts, one of the things I really look for in a man is someone who can get up as early as myself and tell me to stay in bed and that he will make me breakfast. Seemingly a tricky thing to find as my track record states the opposite. The search continues.

Laters love monkeys!


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