OMG became WTF

Ok, please no “I told you sos”. It was too soon, it went too fast, it was too good to be true. The feel good moments I had the other weekend turned into a relief that they will not happen again with that person. The flowers I got still stand beatitful and strong on my kitchen table. And I am standing up straight, brushing myself off and am getting on with things. In fact this Sunday is super busy. The day outside is grey and wet and me and Ove the dog have spent a few very warm and cosy hours reading, eating a green beautiful breakfast and planning our to dos for this day.

Sunday to do:

– Reading. And having lots of candles lit.

– Sorting out my nails with a home kit of gel lack. Wish me luck. I am going for white!

– Food planning.

– Working ahead for the week and a lot of that as busy times are coming up.

– Playing with stinky and brushing his teeth.

– Cooking burgers and guacamole and coleslaw. LCHF and paleo friendly tonight.

– Core CX and AFHO. Meaning abs training 30 minutes and 45 minutes crazy fun dancing at World Class Nacka with one of my favourites; Vladimir!

– Laundry.

– Feeling pretty focus.

– Buying toilet paper, eggs, spinache and blue berries.

– GIRLS, episode 6 before going to bed.

– Sleep before 11.30 pm!

Sundays to don’t:

– Watching anymore Breaking Bad episodes on TiVo. In fact. No TiVo at all today. (GIRLS is not on my TiVo!)

– Buying any kind of chocolate.

– Forgetting to hang the wet, clean laundry before going to bed.

ImageGood quality flowers at least!

Super green start: avocado, sunflower greens and mayo and some prawns!

ImageBefore picture. Depending on the result there might be an after coming up.

ImageLittle book, big magazine.ImageWork it! Excel and colours, that is what I do…ImageOve the dog and me will have a good Sunday together. Rain = a lot of sofa time.ImageAnd lots of fluids! Water and coffee times 10!

If you ever wondered what AFHO is. This is what it looks like when done by the pros. This is why I love being busy bouncing with my friends at the gym.

This morning just turned into noon! Hello and good bye peeps!


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