Things that make me go…

Well hello! Radio silence lately is the result of hormones being all over the place, combined with shit loads to do at work and a bit of travelling.

Summing things up for you – I FEEL GOLDEN! If you were ever worried. Me and Jill Scott are having that same old feeling.

I know I am heading towards a busy couple of months work wise but right now life is totally bliss. There is someone special in my life making me go boom. My health and training is rocking and I am feeling stronger and “lighter”, more than I have been the last 7 months.


ImageAll I see is like beauty and shit. ‘ Cause I’m a ladeeyyy.

I have been strict and sugar free for three weeks. Taking it day by day! And throwing in as much training as possible. At the moment – only training fun stuff. That means a whole lot of dancing. I will soon invest in a new pair of running shoes and start bouncing on that treadmill again so I can join BFF A in a gentle race come May. I will start easy but as I get stronger try to go a bit quicker and be a  bit better than I ever been. For a long time, well since forever, I feel I am doing all of this for myself. There is nothing that can hold me back.
ImageI guess if I get these ones I would be like super fast.

ImageAnd I guess if I would get these ones I would dance like the Jackson Five all at once.

ImageStill chocking and bad ass.

ImageFound this treat – 2 pieces every now and again keeps me well satisfied.

Sitting on the train, two hours left before I am back in Stockholm again. I spent the weekend with my parents in Malmö checking up on my recovering mamma. She is lucky and much stronger and then it hits her again and she had to do an eye surgery on Friday. She will be fine and it had nothing to do with the strokes but a scary coincidence. The eye will be better but it is a pain in the ass as it does interfere with her rehab training. Another thing to brush off from my poor mum’s shoulders but, considering, she is doing really so much better than a month ago. I also got a few precious hours with my three stars. My brothers’ kids are the cutest and god how I wish I could see them more often. They are getting so big!

ImageFew days of chill in Malmö. A lot of naps!ImageAy ay captain! Mamma pirate is on the roll.

Tata for now love monkeys. I wish you the best of Sundays!


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