Lounge life.

I did it again. Unintentionally, swear to God. I’ve again managed to book my flight to Malta in business class which is NOT company policy. I just went for the quickest way to travel and chose the cheapest alternative that was offered. And now, again, after going through fast track security I am sitting in the SAS lounge enjoying a coffee, wifi and furniture from one of my favourite brands HAY. So, JL, if you read this, dear boss, the price of the plane fare wasn’t much more than any other and how I am ending up in business class is a mystery. Let’s call it carma, shall we?

I will be spending a couple of pretty busy days on the “stone” meeting up with the team and working ahead. I am looking forward to a nice power walk on arrival this afternoon with Josefine. Then probably a quiet Sashimi take away enjoyed in bed in bath robe.


ImageDjurgården by night. Looking forward to the light.</

ImageOve the dog is away with his extra family and is learning new things everyday. I miss you stinky, see you soon!

ImageYep, got me these dance studio shoes, and they were broken in with 60 mins Body Jam. BOOM!

All rightie! Need to go and buy some Swedish treats for my colleagues. And then boarding and napping on the plane. Good morning and welcome to this Sunday.

Loved up and swell!


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