Emergency dresses and a server crash.

I am back in my home away from home, sitting here, typing away in The Palace Hotel in Sliema on the sunny island of Malta. Summer warm winds lifted my spirits and the rays of sun made me squint all the way until I was in the airport pick up and found my shades hidden away in my hand luggage. I was surprised by the warmth and seeing it how even many of the Maltese were wearing proper summer apparel I knew my packing was doomed. So, straight after checking in, I was off to Marks and Spencer to buy some dresses ( I know I sound like I am 64 yrs old now…but the Maltese fashion and I don’t see eye to eye, and good old Mars and Sparks have some good stuff going most of the time).

I left a warm bed with my man and dog in it behind in a rainy Stockholm. I am filled with melancholy and some things that have been a bit troublesome are still lingering in the back of my mind and around the edges of my heart. I am such a lucky human being and I easily forget how lucky I am. I pressure myself with idiotic ideas and let negative thoughts damage my positive outlook. Enough.


Supermegahuge bed for one. The beds in the Palace are comfy cosy!

ImageOne black number still with the tights on.ImageVery romantic white – and no tights! Scary but summery.ImageWhat the hell!??? My chicken needs to be fed and I have bacon in the grill, and bread in the oven and cows need milking. Jesus!

Bless and bliss ya’ll!


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