In love and war.

It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. Loud seagulls keep chatting outside the window and the warm room seems to be impossible to cool down. I am alone with my thoughts thinking about all the turns life take and the choices I have made that lead me to places I never thought I’d reach.Continue reading “In love and war.”

Off we go.

Excited like there is no tomorrow! (Thank god there is a tomorrow as that is our day for departure.) Packing is prepared, taxi arrives at 10.30 am to take us to the train station. Two adults, one little dog, luggage for three weeks all travelling in coach six on X2000. Off to spend quality timeContinue reading “Off we go.”

Laky and lush Monday.

What has Ulrika Collvin been up to today? I’ll let you know. For breakfast I made the best smoothie, that tasted summer and ice cream: frozen mango, frozen blueberries, unsweetened cranberry juice, banana and white peach. I ran this morning. A slow, heavy and short version, but still. We went laking again. Many swims wereContinue reading “Laky and lush Monday.”

Lake b****es.

Sunday, summer and sun. We spent a couple of hours by the lake here where I live. They have a section for dogs where Ove the dog, mamma and I enjoyed a few dips along with other dogs and humans. There was Jasper, the German Shepard with arthritis. There was Irma the charming little StaffordshireContinue reading “Lake b****es.”

Bargain Betsy is back

Summer sale is crazy and my blood hound bargain nose can only be calmed with a) sedative pills b) not leaving the house much or c) actual purchase. As mentioned before this summer’s fashion is all about comfort for me in a pyjamas like style. I found this white t-shirt/dress/nightie in organic cotton. It wasContinue reading “Bargain Betsy is back”

Such a Saturday.

Started out a wee bit early. Mamma is in the house and gave me a cheerful “good morning” at 6.12 am. I was not as cheerful so I did my best pretending to keep on sleeping out on the sofa until 7. I was lacking that same energy as of my mamma’s after our seafoodContinue reading “Such a Saturday.”

No other booze but Pimm’s please.

 I am not a big drinker. Alcohol I mean. I used to be – in my young, crazy and wild days. I do enjoy an occasional night out with wine/coktails but in my everyday life I close to never drink alcohol. Unless it is summer and holiday spent with my family and/or friends. Aperitifs, degistifs,Continue reading “No other booze but Pimm’s please.”