Pre holiday prep.

It has been over three months since my last post. Who is counting when life crashes down on you and heart, body and soul feel heavy and painful. It has been such a strange time in my life and to my close one(s). 2014 is the year of challenges! I am not going into details here, the people that really know me and that need to know – they know. All I can say – again – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Call me naive, but I believe that good thoughts, love and honesty will make all bad things good in the end, one way or another. I am forever grateful to my family an friends.



So no blogging – and still some of you keep on stopping by here on according to the stats. Amazing! It was such a long time ago I posted I hardly recognised the wordpress interface. No promises – but since I am soon off for four weeks lazy assed holiday I am intending to write more.

On Friday my summer holiday is taking off and I am intending to take four weeks off from work. I am spending quality time in Skåne with my family and enjoying just being. Here in the big city Stockholm the streets are empty and the office is close to cleared. Us Swedes are good at taking time off in the summer and I love the peace, the quiet and the space in the normally buzzing Stockholm. Public commute is a breeze and everything just slows down. And – I am prepping myself for holiday with a bit of an everyday cool down and lush life while working my last days. Ten things that I do love right now are:

 blogg16juli61. Stepping in to an empty gym after a 2 week sick note. blogg16juli52. Wearing what feel and look like PJs going to work. Get your kimono on Monki now!


3. Overdosing my summer perfume from Trussardi.blogg16juli34. Not rushing on the platform for the tube. Stopping and looking at ads. Then taking photographs of famous photographers’ photographs.

blogg16juli1 5. Indulging fruity smoothies, dairy free and delicious.blogg16juli2 7. Taking time to take selfies in the lift up to the office and confessing that “Yes, I went up 1 extra floor and then down 2 more to nail it.”


8. Wearing beachy footwear to work.

blogg16juli99. Eating lots of Asian fusion food with chopsticks. It should contain glass noodles, cilantro, chili and soy. blogg16juli10  10. A quick manicure in hiding behind my screen. Watching the colleagues (male) walking by sniffing suspiciously and wondering where the hell that smell comes from.

Lunch break is over – time to finish off to do lists and then focusing and todo-ing lots of nothing!

Catch you later love monkeys, near and far.

Ulrika/ who just realizes that a piece of cilantro got stuck in the drying top coat of the nail. Oh well. Let’s call it nail art.


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