Such a Saturday.

Started out a wee bit early. Mamma is in the house and gave me a cheerful “good morning” at 6.12 am. I was not as cheerful so I did my best pretending to keep on sleeping out on the sofa until 7. I was lacking that same energy as of my mamma’s after our seafood feast with wine and goodies Friday evening. Mamma fell asleep around 10 pm. I ended up watching the Allen movie Husbands and Wives from 1992 followed by an embarrassing amount of episodes from the documentary series on Lindsay Lohan and her route to recovery. Good luck Lindsay! And good luck Ulrika getting more than 5 hrs sleep.

We like seafood and cheese!

She is an early bird and a happy mamma.

Today I did my first spinning class since 2,5 weeks. Trying to get back into the swing of things after the kidney incident. It was insane! 75 mins with 10 mins warm up, 20 mins climb with standing intervals and then 5 mins flat race, followed with a 30 mins climb, finishing off with 10 mins standing with 2 mins crazy speedy gonzales finale where I lost the feeling of my legs and feet. All good pain though. I have never done anything like it. I am still out of breathe this evening but my body is pumping endorphines and I feel so good.

I love these fitness bunnies in the veggie juice ads that I see everywhere right now here in Stockholm. Look at that little dead lift. Too cute and very inspirational.

Saturday treats!

Dead and numb legs mean soon to be stronger legs!

As you can see I am back on the sofa and this Saturday is soon to be over. Good night out there!

Ulrika/ staying away from Tivo tonight and dreaming about beach life in less than a week. BUTTERFLIES!

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