Lake b****es.

Sunday, summer and sun. We spent a couple of hours by the lake here where I live. They have a section for dogs where Ove the dog, mamma and I enjoyed a few dips along with other dogs and humans.

There was Jasper, the German Shepard with arthritis. There was Irma the charming little Staffordshire Terrier who fell in love with Ove. There was Benny, the Cavalier king Charles, who also fell in love with Ove. Dixie, the French Bulldog was only in love with the water. And just before heading back home another four dogs had joined the beach party. We were all playing and swimming, dogs and humans. Ove, who doesn’t swim much, went in the water and showed off with a total of 50 cms full swim. Proud!

The perfect Sunday cuddle.

Off on Beaver street to the lake.

Pool by nature.

He’s not doing Iron Man anytime soon but small steps ahead.

I am looking forward to Monday being a repeat of Sunday. Lake, laziness and cuddles. A bit of training, good food and I’m sorted.

Have a perfect end of the week!

Ulrika/ who is having a snooze party in the sofa while mamma watches the British version of the antiques roadshow. Watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

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