Off we go.

Excited like there is no tomorrow! (Thank god there is a tomorrow as that is our day for departure.) Packing is prepared, taxi arrives at 10.30 am to take us to the train station. Two adults, one little dog, luggage for three weeks all travelling in coach six on X2000. Off to spend quality time with dear ones back in the south where I grew up. White beaches, salty sea and quiet and endless fields of green. Skåne – we are on our way!

My travel gym: exatube and pilates mat from casall, shoes to help me run from saucony and swim gear. No excuses!

Blossom bossom! Bikini from Seafolly.

Serious face but happy thoughts.

Happy and tired after a steaming spinning class with A and her PT. It was my last class in my gym World Class where I have been a happy member since 2010. But, moving on to SATS for location reasons and also I just needed the change.

Now, walking Ove the dog and then sofa time. Take care and TTYL!

Ulrika/ who is craving white peaches and citrus melon 24/7.

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