Tropical nights in Malmö.

The first week of the holiday is coming to an end. Main focus at the moment is to enjoy this heat and keeping cool while working on a tan. We go to the beach everyday and I fall in love with the city of Malmö and the way people set the pace around here. The closeness to the beach, lovely shops and hang outs still surprises me and I start to fantasize about growing old around here. Just so easy. It seems.

It feels like another country with the heat wave that smashes us Swedes like flies. I love it. As long as I can go sunbathing. Lots of ice cream, bathing both in sea and in tub, walking slowly. Enjoying food late in the evening and drink lots of water. Siesta in Malmö.

Staying cool on the beach.</

Daily view.

The only numbers I keep track on


Ulrika/ who is only complaining about insects and in particular the ones trapped in her hair.

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