I had what felt like a last good bye today. My nerves were crawling on the outside of my skin as I met up with him to swap items such as keys and mail. It was calm and no drama and it only took about three minutes. Saying good bye. Taking the 50 or soContinue reading “Multimotional.”

Ready. Steady. Stop.

I’ll keep on chasing rainbows. My head and sanity could not handle anymore. So, without regrets, free from bitterness I am packing my suitcase and travelling on in life. I don’t believe in God but I do believe in me. And tomorrow I am going out dancing. Ulrika/ who spent half her salary on retailContinue reading “Ready. Steady. Stop.”

The golden year.

Today was golden, filling up on the love vibes from my tall blondie M and her miniJ. We haven’t met for two months and miniJ is WALKING! Wobbly but for a person that just turned 10 months she is a trooper. She will grow into an athlete just like her mama. Reunited after summer holidays.Continue reading “The golden year.”


Today I am blogging from my own bed where I haven’t slept since 17th July. I am full of mixed emotions and have spent most of today watching season 2 of House of Cards. Tomorrow routines will start, including sugar detox and spinning class. I am swollen after too many pimms and ice creams. GlossyContinue reading “Abstinence.”

Summer summery pt 3: Fish

Ok, so my summer summaries won’t be as detailed as first hoped since the internet access keeps on failing me. Also I am now posting outside in the sun doing my job as “cleanclotheshangingouttodryneedtoberemovedforanoccasionalthunderstormthatmightbeapproaching”-guard. Fish. Skillinge. Österlen. Skåne. I spent 4 wonderful days with my parents in their friends’ cottage a skip and a hopContinue reading “Summer summery pt 3: Fish”

Summer summery pt 2: OH LA LA surprise!

Since we didn’t celebrate my dad’s birthday in June, living 7 hours away, we surprised him with a French day/evening on the last day of July instead. We started by styling his hair and having him eat lots of cake. In the evening we sat on the terrace enjoying food that would have made theContinue reading “Summer summery pt 2: OH LA LA surprise!”