I’ll never get too old to celebrate my birthday. Yesterday was a lovely day spent with my parents, my brother and his family and Ove the dog. It started out sunny and later on spoiled our beach plans with clouds and rain. We spent some money in the flea market and then we had cake in the beautiful café Lilla Ro (little calm). We travelled through the rain looking at the surroundings where me and my brother grew up. We finished off with ice creams!

20140810-085710.jpgBeautiful breakfast in bed with a little white and black gift.


Very excited about cake at Lilla Ro.


20140810-085921.jpgThree generations of Rolands: my dad with his son and grandson.

20140810-090003.jpgSister in law C with two of her three little ones.

20140810-090050.jpgCake queue – get in line!


There were not many photos of me NOT eating this day.



A welfie of me and love monkeys.

M20140810-090226.jpgTwo nieces on a mission.

I am a lucky Ulrika Collvin. However, no joy without a little bit of sting and sadness attached to it. Tomorrow (Monday) we are leaving Skåne going back home to Stockholm. I will miss the garden, the sea, the family, all my love monkeys. It hit me last night with a banging head ache and tears were rolling.

The sun is shining here today. And so am I.

TTYL young and old ones!

Ulrika/ on her first day going into her 40th year of being! She thinks she will continue doing it like she has been so far. More or less.

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