Today I am blogging from my own bed where I haven’t slept since 17th July. I am full of mixed emotions and have spent most of today watching season 2 of House of Cards. Tomorrow routines will start, including sugar detox and spinning class. I am swollen after too many pimms and ice creams.

Glossy magazines to get inspired and get moving.

I am not the only one facing post holiday blues.

On a very sad note. Robin Williams has moved on. According to the reports he took his own life. Depression and alcohol. He was one of my first tv crushes as Mork in Mork and Mindy. Rest in peace.

Sometimes (daily) I go through my stats to see where you readers find me. Mainly Facebook or Instagram but sometimes on the odd search word. Would the person that typed in “kebab lips” and ended up here please step forward. Welcome!

Back to Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey! A more pepped version of Ulrika Collvin will be back – sooner rather than later.

Nano. Nano.

Ulrika/ aka kebab lips.

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