The golden year.

Today was golden, filling up on the love vibes from my tall blondie M and her miniJ. We haven’t met for two months and miniJ is WALKING! Wobbly but for a person that just turned 10 months she is a trooper. She will grow into an athlete just like her mama.

Reunited after summer holidays. Wohoo!


MiniJ on her first dog walk. Ready, steady. WOBBLE!

I admit having problems letting go of summer and my flip flops.

Got this book from M. Let’s get started and let’s work on making things golden.

Tomorrow is my last day of holiday this time around. I will make it count!

Shine! Sparkle! Glow! All on the count of 3.

Ulrika/ who is smiling looking out of her kitchen window at the neighbourhood girls selling super cheap candy on the parking lot. It might be business time.


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