I had what felt like a last good bye today. My nerves were crawling on the outside of my skin as I met up with him to swap items such as keys and mail. It was calm and no drama and it only took about three minutes. Saying good bye. Taking the 50 or so steps towards the gates down the stairs. Then hit me, like an invisible wall. Like a slap in the face from an evil force. The grief and the sadness. I pressed my nails into the palm of my hands to stop the tears from filling my eyes. Standing away from the crowd pretending to type a novel on my phone. Tears touching my cheeks and bouncing off the platform. I felt an intense sadness of loss and pain but also a sadness of feeling a sense of relief.

All in all, head’s up and feet down. Brushing myself off and letting go. There is no other way.

Over to happy things. An otherwise very sunny Sunday was spent with my 4 legged best friend Ove. I was cheering myself up wearing my new multi coloured coat, silvery bag and nikes out on a 3,5 hr long walk and lush lunch on Djurgården.

Nature therapy and puppy love.

Ulrika/ busy mending a broken heart with her own snot. ( Her childlike sense of humour is intact.)








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