In the sunshine of democracy.

At 8pm, today, 14th of September, the votes will be in for the election for Swedish Parliament and who is to rule this glorious country for the next four years. It is exciting and I am thrilled to have taken part. Respect and love! Ulrika/ who is wondering about love and hate. And freedom. AndContinue reading “In the sunshine of democracy.”

Painful confessions and declaration of sparkle.

My best friend’s daughter overloaded me with compliments yesterday when we spent time in the sun discussing life in general and the Swedish election in particular. She is 8, soon 9 and clever as a book. She is extremely investigating and curious. If I could only see myself as she does. She looks at meContinue reading “Painful confessions and declaration of sparkle.”

September summer.

There is a beach in the centre of Stockholm now where the water is clean and where they have built piers and jumping towers for everyone to enjoy. Since the first week of September gave us summer back I spent pieces of my Sunday there. It was a lovely experience. A few steps away aContinue reading “September summer.”

Stockholm blues.

I swapped sitting at home feeling sorry for myself this weekend to a weekend of discovering my hometown by foot. It seems walking has become one of my favourite weekend things to do. One foot in front of the other. Repeat. Ove the dog on the leash faithfully next to me. To him every newContinue reading “Stockholm blues.”