Working in.

Been busy feeling things and I haven’t felt like posting much about my therapy and progress as of yet. I know I am on the right track. It will take a while to figure things out but while doing that I am embarking on a journey that will introduce me to painful revelations as well as feelings of peace.

One day at a time.

One of the things I am doing is logging my emotions each morning and evening. I have a list to pick from as I have problems knowing what it is I actually feel. I am not in touch with my emotions as I thought I was. Turns out I am a bit if cave woman in that respect.

If you see this book close to me. Do NOT open!

The last weeks have been filled with WOW-moments and sad attacks. On a whole I am happy that I have taken steps and made a few decisions that will in the long run make myself a much healthier and happier Ulrika Collvin! Ok will try to describe with feelings:

– I had lots of good training done. I dreaded it but did it; weights! And running! Feelings: exhausted, proud, powerful
– I choose good food. And I baked. Feelings: satisfied, full, healthy, happy.
– I hang out with my dad that was up for a visit. Feelings: love, safe, spoiled, lazy.
– I took a spontaneous night out on Friday. In heels! Feelings: beautiful, brave, happy, youthful.



Reebok crossfit tights and a big hat for the post gym sweat hide away. It was leg day. Tomorrow my ass will feel twice as big because of the soreness. BOOM!



Baking eggs! Pappa B chilling with his new friend TiVo. Soup!

Ove the dog is away in Skåne now! I am off to Malta for work and my precious furry friend will be spoiled and love bombed.

Sunday evening and time to plan the upcoming week’s Malta adventure!

Loveys – thanks for stopping by!

Ulrika/ who is working in and working out! It works best that way.

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