Be YOU tiful.

So it happened. Close to a year since last and it was long overdue but I finally visited a hairdresser again. A decent amount of dead and dry locks fell to the ground. And the colour is now mocca/chocolate (95% cacao). It is funny what some colour and a fringe can do to a face.Continue reading “Be YOU tiful.”

Thursday treat and tears.

Today will be a day full of sunshine and rain. I will be looking after the best 1 yr old in Universe around noon when her mother has a meeting with our boss. A bit of park play is on the menu. Come rain, come shine. In the afternoon I am off to the addictionContinue reading “Thursday treat and tears.”


Oh joy! Today I picked up my own copy of Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind Of a Girl. I ate my dinner less mindful staring at it lying next to me on the table. Thank you Lena Dunham for making the wait for season 4 of GIRLS less dull! HAPPY! All ready tucked in.Continue reading “HAPPY KIND OF A GIRL.”

Food porn.

I am in a real good and inspiring place right now cooking “clean” food and using all my senses in the kitchen. Not allowed: playing with phone, ipad, reading or watching tv while eating. Need to be mindful and I am getting used to sitting alone in my kitchen feeling each bite. A couple ofContinue reading “Food porn.”

Pink outing 2.

Saturday morning started with a great breakfast with Bff A and her lovely E. Then we spent a few hours out in the sun having fun petting ponies (until I was bitten) and embracing October in all its’ glory. Best way to cure a hung over: Hope for sun and wear you shades without feelingContinue reading “Pink outing 2.”

Pink outing 1.

We went all in on a spontaneous after work that turned into an after midnight and then some. Liquids and laughter and a bit of breast cancer awareness in fabulous Mvseet. Thank you ladies for a great night. 💗💗💗 Saturday is very chilled around mine. Just how I love it. Go pink you guys! Ulrika/Continue reading “Pink outing 1.”