Be YOU tiful.

So it happened. Close to a year since last and it was long overdue but I finally visited a hairdresser again. A decent amount of dead and dry locks fell to the ground. And the colour is now mocca/chocolate (95% cacao). It is funny what some colour and a fringe can do to a face.

I visited the salon next door to the office which one of the best ones in town. YOU Stockholm where the top man Steve Terry has a very creative and confident team working their magic. Solmaz did my colour and Jack the cut. Thank you guys!





The always nervous before.



Ready for winter!

So happy for finding a hairdresser I felt relaxed with. And in general happy it is Friday and I am just doing nothing. Soon sleeping!

Big kiss and la dee daa.

Ulrika/ who is as always perplexed by how nice a seriously expensive hair product smells when a hair dresser uses it on her. It NEVER smells as nice after she bought it.

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