(M)FF please.

For many reasons I am looking forward to a new year. 2014 was not what I would call the time of my life. However, there have been enough magical moments to keep the optimist in me bubbling underneath layers of pain, anxiety and at times self pity. New adventures, more love and challenges and SeasonContinue reading “(M)FF please.”


I have butterflies! Nervous, terrified and excited all boiled in to a big bag of kick ass mentality. I have signed up for a 3 weeks army boot camp 1-19 December on xtremefit.se. Xtremefit.se will kick my ass and I am in need of a shift. Food wise not a disaster lately but my trainingContinue reading “Boyfriend.”

Magical orchids.

I am 100% back. Ish. Worked out yesterday and was wined and dined by A and E. Starting to feel like a human again! But it was a weird ride health wise. November is dull here in Stockholm! Grey and dark, brown and naked it is difficult to see what is up or down. WhatContinue reading “Magical orchids.”

Detoxed and rinsed.

Not the way I’ve planned this actually very busy week. Been off work two days vomiting away (9 hrs now without feeling sick) and a body temperature flying around the place. However, I am feeling much better this evening and getting restless like a fish on land. Bad simile. But you get it? Staying homeContinue reading “Detoxed and rinsed.”

Sunday socks on.

Most relaxed Sunday for some time. Long forest walk, reading, planning, manicuring, cooking, chatting, snoozing, dog cuddling and all of the above in my pug socks. Charged up and ready to go. A busy time ahead and I am feeling decently prepared. I am whispering it… “Bring it on.” and feeling the strength from theContinue reading “Sunday socks on.”

Retro active love bomb.

Malmö was full with autumn leaves and love bombs. The wedding anniversary and father’s day on the same day. The big bunch of us Collvin-Anderssons once again headed to Boulebar for the big French brunch and a “friendly” game of petanque. For little and big ones, young and old. Game on!    DDD. Dad, dog,Continue reading “Retro active love bomb.”

That’s the way love goes.

Last weekend was a very special weekend. On Sunday the 9th of November, 40 years ago, my parents said “JA” (I DO) to each other. They got married on a cold November day in the town hall of Kristianstad in Sweden. She was 23 and he was 21. They had met a while back, inContinue reading “That’s the way love goes.”