Magical orchids.

I am 100% back. Ish. Worked out yesterday and was wined and dined by A and E. Starting to feel like a human again! But it was a weird ride health wise.

November is dull here in Stockholm! Grey and dark, brown and naked it is difficult to see what is up or down. What is morning, noon, night? Never thought I would long for snow and winter but this year I do. Come all you little snow flakes!

Time to colour boost and prep the emotional vacuum with good music, colourful food and warm chats with old and new friends. Also, my three orchids (2 yrs old almost, Beatrice, Benjamin and Birgitte) are in full bloom. Counted it to a total of 22 flowers and 10 more buds on their way! I am amazed as I am a total disaster coming to plants and nurturing them.

Lost and found! A year later and a tad tighter but my grey sweats are back!



Flowers and pastels.

Dipping it!

Sweet Sunday ya’ll!

Ulrika/ who is super proud of E! Talented, lovely and soon SVT!

Published by Elsa Ulrika Collvin

44 year old woman in the south of Sweden. Things I love: Ove the dog, Signe Larsson the cat, the sea, green life lakes, the ocean, plants, fashion, vintage all in a good old mix, hip hop, sneakers, the sun, my family, mindfulness, Yoga, movies, books, dancing, cycling, food. I do not love: too long winters, grumpy old men, grumpy old women, animal cruelty, net hate, rasism

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