Power plate.

Busy December and the need to stay focused and energised is of importance. Music in my ears in the office getting ahead and setting plans for Q1 2015. Eating power foods and sleeping at least 8 hrs per night are my biggest tools. Last night’s sleep was many times interrupted by my sore, torn muscles.



Work face and good stuff on the plate.

Ulrika’s boot camp salad:
A portion of boiled kamut wheat. (Or “mat havre” boiled in vegetable stock)
Chopped fresh kale
Chopped fresh portabello mushrooms
Chopped garlic
Chopped chilis

Gently stir fry the above until soft and delicious. I used coconut oil in the pan.

Quickly boil soy beans and sugar snap peas . Add other power veggies like broccoli, peppers, carrots. Anything that tickles your fancy and taste buds.

Put it all on large plate. Add topping. I added some smoked salmon and furikakke mix and finished it off with a honey vinaigrette and pomegranate.

Fuel your body and enjoy!

Ulrika/ who will be embarrassingly weak in tomorrow’s game of petanque after boot camp and upper body focus.

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