After a slow training week I sure kicked ass this morning in the gym. I took a Body Combat class and I reached my second highest pulse ever!!! Two beats away from my registered max pulse and maybe 10 beats away from a heart attack. It was a crazy close to death feeling mixed withContinue reading “Heartbeats.”


Marinating a week of fun hanging with my favourite during the weekend. Mega excited as my boss wants me to keep working doing what I do now but from Malmö. We discussed the option of a distance job on Monday. He got it all cleared from the CEO and other involved and yesterday just beforeContinue reading “Celebrate.”

Wednesday wasteland.

Staying in. Drinking tea. Missing my man. Giving my dog a crazy haircut. Hand cream testing. And an evening filled with Keeping up with the Kardashians. I am one happy Ulrika Collvin. Cute dog cuddles. Ove the dog is still Ove the dog trimmed or not. Got this hand cream from M for Christmas. SheaContinue reading “Wednesday wasteland.”

Super star(t).

Like I’ve said before it is enough with diets for me. Since I was 15 I have been obsessed with diets, dieting and chasing a body shape that isn’t me. Up and down in weight all through the years. Gone through so many sizes and messed up my natural balance several times. January brings outContinue reading “Super star(t).”

Monday I love you.

On the bus home from work with the funniest bus driver I’ve encountered. She is behind the wheel singing the score Flashdance loud as anyone could. And she does it well laughing loudly in between choruses! That and a new episode of GIRLS waiting for me at home makes this Monday brilliant. My best tv-buddiesContinue reading “Monday I love you.”

No more Jambalaya virgin.

Last week went faster than fast. Combining a get back to work mode with all the world’s butterflies dancing samba inside of me is harder than expected. Savouring every minute of things alongside with mature planning ahead is really not my bag. However, since both me and K now have taken some serious decisions thatContinue reading “No more Jambalaya virgin.”

April, hurry up!

One of the reasons I know 2015 will be a happy year is that I will be seeing one of my favourite singers live on the 18th of April! Seinabo Sey rocks my world and I know it will be a concert to remember. Again, thank you K for the ticket! Power and passion! Ulrika/Continue reading “April, hurry up!”

Dance off.

New Year, no resolutions! Feeling free and happy and keep on working on the inside and out. Eating good stuff, clean stuff, less sugar and moving lots will get me there in the end. No diets, no detoxes, no crazy amounts of anything. Keeping up my work with mindfulness and working with my life planContinue reading “Dance off.”