Bye and hello.

To new beginnings and to a prosperous New Year! After a gloomy period of my life I am out of the blue and all smiles. I am in 2015 with a glorious outlook, new love and feeling safe and warm. My parents, K, Ove the dog and myself spent the last day of 2014 in the great company of nature and later on seafood, wine and stinky cheese.




Day time was spent in Artipelag a museum/restaurant in amazing surroundings outside of Stockholm. The building itself is a beautiful piece and not to mention the ladies’ room. Stunning!

Last selfie of the year.

Let’s get this party started!



Prawns and cheese and monopoly. K is one happy banker.


New Year’s Day arrived with bitter sweet good byes waving my parents off as they headed back home. Tears and grateful emotions as they rolled off to the south. So thankful for them both and that they keep being my biggest fan club. Loud. Annoying at times. Generous and hearts warmer than anything I know. I am the luckiest daughter.

Here’s to 2015. I love you allready!

Ulrika/ who is blogging from the sofa squeezed in between dog and boyfriend. One big, fluffy sandwich.

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