Dance off.

New Year, no resolutions! Feeling free and happy and keep on working on the inside and out. Eating good stuff, clean stuff, less sugar and moving lots will get me there in the end. No diets, no detoxes, no crazy amounts of anything. Keeping up my work with mindfulness and working with my life plan is very exciting. 2015 is a good year!

Dancing gets my pulse going and fat burning! I am doing fun stuff in the gym!

IMG_8461.JPGK got me this Stelton for keeping our coffee warm. It will be nice in our kitchen later on. And tulips! Love tulips!

Tonight we are staying in preparing for an early start tomorrow. First real day back in the office and I want to be in early, early! After that dinner out on town in a creole fashion. JAMBALAYA!

TTYL love monkeys!

Ulrika/ who is one spoiled princess. If that bothers you or sting in anyway I suggest you stop reading my posts. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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