Cold feet. Not.

Travelling back home with bitter sweet sensations through and through. Spent the weekend’s at K’s and got to know him better while snooping around his flat as he had a work thing on Friday. I love every detail of his home and I feel at home at his. Realising it is with him I feel at home and at ease. Doesn’t matter where I am.

On Saturday we spent a quality afternoon and evening in a stormy Gothenburg with my two xlondon-flat mates Sofia and Martin and their two crazy cute kids bigA and littleA. Martin cooked up a great boeuf bourguignon, we were served lots of wine and great laughs as the west wind attempted to tear the house down. Sofia, Martin and myself shared a decently small 2 bedroom flat in west London 13 yrs ago. 3 yrs living together like that means we know each other very well. Warm hearts and big smiles! After we left I recieved a text from Martin where he quotes his 7 yr old bigA. She said she likes me a lot and I am her favourite because I am a child trapped in an adult body. I look like an adult but have a child’s mind (or head to quote correctly). The greatest compliment! I am forever flattered.


<a href="”>IMG_8543.JPGMonkey business on Kungsgatan.

IMG_8542.JPGI did NOT do this. LittleA however.

IMG_8541.JPGBigA composes and Ove the dog poses. Almost willingly.

K is a morning walker and has the right gear for the shittiest weather. I don’t and after an icy, snowy, rainy walk a warm foot bath took place and was much appreciated!

IMG_8555.JPGCold feet getting toasty.


The weather gods made sure my train was cancelled and instead I got 5 extra hours to spend with my man. Pyjamas party and card play as the wind played over the roofs. Not complaining at all.

Sunday soon done. My dog and myself on a quiet train. Stockholm is around the corner but my heart is on the west coast in a storm.

Ulrika/ who is nervous about tomorrow!

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