Super star(t).

Like I’ve said before it is enough with diets for me. Since I was 15 I have been obsessed with diets, dieting and chasing a body shape that isn’t me. Up and down in weight all through the years. Gone through so many sizes and messed up my natural balance several times. January brings out feelings that make me want to get on a new health train. A new regime. To challenge myself to loose the weight I put on since last diet. It is difficult for me NOT to do all or nothing. It is hard to balance myself. Especially since I feel uncomfortable and far from my best self right now. I am so happy I found K when I was at a low point. If he can love me like this. He is in for a ride!

My way to balance and work things out is to eat super food and limit sugar from my life as it makes it hard for me to stay balanced otherwise. I am learning to be more green and think more about the environment. Organic and clean. But with drops of alcohol and decadence now and again. I believe that when eating balanced, clean and good food I will be better at controlling my urges and my sugar addiction. Super food with a good amount of training is my way forward. Slowly but surely I will travel in life on the right path. I will look and feel stronger and more confident. Getting away from vicious circles. Step by step. Loving myself and others more and feeling meaningful and brave.

I am intending to eat great and to have fun while doing it and continue to share my food inspo here on the blog.

Today’s dinner was a big plate of greens, bean salad, feta cheese and chicken. Easy peasy lemon squeezy;

Super start salad.
Fresh baby spinach
Some feta cheese
Fresh orange
Broccoli (gently boiled or steamed)
Black beans
Dressing for the beans: chopped persil, fresh garlic, dijon mustard (the one without sugar), olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon zest, salt and black peppar

Put the veggies, cheese and chicken on a plate. Mix the beans and chickpeas together with the dressing. Serve!

If you fancy it even more green serve an egg and extra cheese and skip the chicken.



Tasty and pretty! Do you like super foods? Do you have inspiration to share? Feel free to comment here on the blog or email me on

Thanks for reading and being a super star!

Ulrika/ who is casually counting down the hours until K is back. 47….

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