Ja. Yes. Oui. Si. Da.

Earlier this morning, alongside porridge, eggs and a bottle of Bollinger he asked me to marry him. Yes is my answer and Friday the 13th 2015 is the first day of our engagement. We are two loved up monkeys with colds from hell sitting with our runny noses now on a train to Malmö. WeContinue reading “Ja. Yes. Oui. Si. Da.”

Checkin’ in.

On a busy but very quick train on my way to Gothenburg to spend a weekend with K. The agenda is filled with fun, including dinner and wine tonight in an all vegetarian restaurant that Ks friend runs. It looks like a great spot of what I’ve seen online on http://www.folkteatern.se/servering. On Saturday we haveContinue reading “Checkin’ in.”

Smokey sweats.

I am in a weird state where time flies in some situations and stick like glue in other. Overly excited in one instant turned to lethargic the next. Restless and mellow at the same time. At work time goes too fast and at home all is too slow. Being away from K has a lotContinue reading “Smokey sweats.”