Ja. Yes. Oui. Si. Da.

Earlier this morning, alongside porridge, eggs and a bottle of Bollinger he asked me to marry him. Yes is my answer and Friday the 13th 2015 is the first day of our engagement.

We are two loved up monkeys with colds from hell sitting with our runny noses now on a train to Malmö. We are celebrating with my family tonight and tomorrow off to a name giving ceremony for little baby O.

I cannot stop staring at my ring, 49 diamonds sparkling away. I cannot stop staring at my husband to be. How did I get so lucky?

IMG_9155.JPGDiamonds, milk, eggs, yoghurt and Bollinger.


IMG_9141.JPGEngaged, snotty and smiling!

IMG_9154.JPGMy man! Who is also celebrating that on this day, 45 yrs ago, Black Sabbath released their first album.

Now, hitting the nap button for a couple of hours. Need to get ready for more champagne!

Ulrika/ who is also very much in love with her ring. Delicate from Sophie Gyllenhammar. Perfect!

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