Fur legged therapy.

Today the entire office was in awe meeting the cutie Rufs. A 7 yr-old Malteser with a personality that had us all melting. I am sure Ove the dog would have been jealous had he been there. Spending time with or around animals is soothing and healing in more ways than many other things. LittleContinue reading “Fur legged therapy.”

She is back.

After almost 7 years locked up in a storage room at my ex’s house my beach cruiser Rosie is back. Not as white or shiny as she once was and with flat tires. But with a bit of TLC she will be on the mend and soon rolling off in the sunset with me inContinue reading “She is back.”

Red house by the sea.

In 1,5 month I will be spending my first night in our new home. In a one bedroom flat, in a bright red house with the sea as a neighbour is where I will settle down with my K. We are two restless souls that crashed into each other and found peace and calm inContinue reading “Red house by the sea.”


Spring is coming and the stronger the sunshine the crazier the shades. I am turning into Elton John wandering the Stockholm streets in different types of colourful eye protectors. Anything from super bargain to a month’s food budget goes. All of the above are about €10 each and you can click the home on http://www.monki.com!Continue reading “Shady.”

10 years of rubbish.

Things are speeding up since last! I am moving to Malmö two months earlier than planned. And work is super busy and I was knocked out by flue from hell for a fortnight. K and myself signed a contract for a one bedroom flat in the perfect location 100 metres from the sea last week.Continue reading “10 years of rubbish.”