Red house by the sea.

In 1,5 month I will be spending my first night in our new home. In a one bedroom flat, in a bright red house with the sea as a neighbour is where I will settle down with my K. We are two restless souls that crashed into each other and found peace and calm in two heart beats. There is no doubt, nor any questions or uncomfortable what ifs. Pure sensation of a feeling of home and unity.

All is planned and the clearing out my old stuff is almost completed. The look and feel of our home is starting to take shape in our minds and we are doing priority lists of must haves right now and must haves for later. When we are in Malmö for Easter we will measure the space and see what will fit. My parents have been snooping around the area taking pictures of the surroundings. I cannot wait! So looking forward to getting to know my new surroundings and my future hangouts.



All I need now is a warm bathrobe and a pair of comfy clogs. Morning walks and a morning swim. Hello! I know I might sound like 78 and retired but to me this is lush.



IMG_9622.JPGMy parents are getting acquainted with the new hoods.

The weekend is going quicker than quick and I just waved K off. We had a great weekend where lazy chilled sofa time combined with long sunny walks and messy clear out jobs leave me in a perfect mood looking forward to a new week and challenges.

I am ready.

Toodeloo and laters!

Ulrika/ who is one spoiled lady with a cold sore and a heel with blisters from walking too much in the wrong shoes.

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