She is back.

After almost 7 years locked up in a storage room at my ex’s house my beach cruiser Rosie is back. Not as white or shiny as she once was and with flat tires. But with a bit of TLC she will be on the mend and soon rolling off in the sunset with me in the saddle and Ove the dog in the basket.

I remember how I saw her in a window of a bike shop on Södermalm in the summer of 2005. I had just moved from London to Stockholm and the liberty of fresh air and less trafficked roads during the summer urged me to buy this girlie kind of unpractical vehicle. I was working close to the water and during the lunch break I changed into to a swim suit underneath the summer dress and swished of for a lunch swim. I felt free like the wind cycling back letting the sun dry my hair before getting back to the office.

Rosie – welcome back!


Ulrika/ who is determined to be a SUP-kind of person.

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