Fur legged therapy.

Today the entire office was in awe meeting the cutie Rufs. A 7 yr-old Malteser with a personality that had us all melting. I am sure Ove the dog would have been jealous had he been there.

Spending time with or around animals is soothing and healing in more ways than many other things. Little Rufs contributed to extra many smiles at work this very sunny Wednesday.


IMG_9662.JPGCute as cotton!


After seeing the you tube clip on the Pandas going down the slide I have developed a Panda mania. I never seen one in real life and I’ve been told they smell garbage. But that would easily be over looked. Until that day I have my rubber, smell free Panda phone case to keep me happy!

IMG_9721.JPG“Did I hear Panda?”

So. Go pet something furry and give me a smile!

Lots of love and high fives from

Ulrika/ who is in love with her new hand shaped earrings from monki.


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