This panda is pooped. But happy.

I’m on my way on a quiet train. Riding first class, the quiet coach, which is lush and even more so when almost to the same price as economy when I booked. The guy across the aisle just finished his gigantic sushi and it smells of salmon and wasabi. Not the most train friendly food.Continue reading “This panda is pooped. But happy.”

Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.

In short. I am so ready for the move. Things are packed and ready to go to the south on Saturday. I have done some of the big cleaning bits and I really cannot wait until I am on the 5 o’clock train on Sunday. Exciting times ahead and when things have settled and weContinue reading “Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.”

G as in gangsta.

Well, a gangsta’ of love has just spent Wednesday- Sunday visiting me. My 4 yr old nephew came along with my mamma and it’s been 4 whole days filled with noise, fun, the weirdest questions and activities suitable for kids and aunties. My head is buzzing and heart is throbbing waving my mum and littleContinue reading “G as in gangsta.”