51 hours of creating a home for two.

I am on our bed reflecting over the weekend that is coming to an end. It has been the most intensive two days I ever experienced but I feel so happy and pleased the effort we put in to make our home our place, our sanctuary. After “months” of planning and visualising what it would be like we are now much further ahead than we could ever dream of. We have more things to sort but we are well on our way. My mind is creating stuff as quickly as Ks hands are the handy ones drilling and realising the practical solutions we need to fit in this small space. Here are some glimpses of what has been done so far.






IMG_0659.JPGSome before shots of our 1 bedroom flat.






IMG_0672.JPGOur three-in-one-room. The space for dining, socialising and entertainment. On the big white wall by the dining table will be the art wall. My next project! Sofa is coming. Orange!






IMG_0678.JPGKitchen! And our first sit down in this flat with my parents and a big load of ice cream. I am in love with the huge yellow spot lights K found in a vintage shop.

IMG_0662.JPGBalcony as for now. Soon there will be a grey wooden floor and some furniture will be added. And plants, lots of little plants.



IMG_0679.JPGSurf, sleep and say hello to our wall of star(e)s. Life collections and personal favourites of his and mine. Little My dances with a gang of robots. Heavy metal stars babbling with Frida Kahlo and Majakovskij as a bunch of lego star wars and glass birds play cards in the background. Welcome to our place! ❤️



Bathroom – lemony fresh.

Tired, happy and at home. K, you are magic! And big thanks to family and friends for all your help and support (and dog watching). Dinner and party is coming.

Ulrika/ who has set the alarm for 4am. Early bird when commuting Malmö-Stockholm. The prize I pay for living in our little place called paradise.

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