Mood walk.

Sleep deprived and a tad weak on the diet regime I have taken on my day felt gloomy. Less productive than I had expected meaning meaningless stress over the todo list tomorrow.

After a rainy outing to IKEA and a, by me, cancelled training session I came home disappointed. Some work related issues going on inside of me and I decided to kick it in the butt. Got into my Kermit green wind stopper, plugged my yellow headset into my ears and on with the bright orange trainers. And by then the sky was less grey and the rain had stopped. Swish, off I went with Ove the dog next to me and a laughing out loud pod in my ears.

As the strong but rather warm wind filled me up with energy my steps got quicker and longer. 75 mins later I was home, less gloomy and looking forward to a new day with new challenges. One step at a time. Sometimes all it takes is a good walk with the wind in your face.


Dramatic sky soothes a dramatic mind.

Now, shower, dust in a bag dinner, and SLEEP. Toodeloo!

Ulrika/ who has registered her own company’s name today. My own Baws-ish!

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