Chicks and pool side fan clubs.

After a bit of a sad start of the Friday with Ove the dog being under the weather again I am now happy and at ease on this very windy Sunday evening. I have completed 3 weeks of strict soup regime turning my habits upside down. I just got home from my “home gym” which is 2 mins walk from our flat. Oh it is lush! I particularly loved the heated tiles in the changing rooms. The gym is airy and fresh and the instructor of the Body pump class tonight was really great. I am jelly now and tomorrow will be an achy one. I am feeling a boost and getting all happy training again. To be honest I have been lacking motivation, drive and confidence the last 10 months and it is tough getting that good vibe back. But it is on its’ way! I can feel it! Getting back to feeling good about getting out of my comfort zone.


When all else fails: accessories, accessories, acessories. Getting healthy with Vivienne Westwood ain’t bad!


When legs are jelly after training we sing (Bon Jovi “Bed of roses”): “I just wanna join my bag on a tiled floor with heating”. And roll around. Sats Västra Hamnen, you rock.

Most of the weekend was spent with my parents and nieces and nephew. Saturday outing to an organic, family run farm 30 min car drive away. Hens and roosters strolling around in the free, little rabbits to play with for the kids, sheep and lambs to feed, a few lamas and super cute parrots. All in one place! And what a great place! The kids were ecstatic. A more energetic Ove the dog pretended to be a boarder collie chasing the chickens (in a leash so no chicks were harmed) . Visit Sularps Farm if you are in the neighbourhood!

IMG_0877.JPGGuess if E wants one of her own?

IMG_0878.JPGAmong birds. Not 100% relaxed but working on it.




IMG_0876.JPGThere are goodies and then there are goodies.

Sunday was spent prepping M for her swim competition as her parents are away on holiday in New York I had promised to document the Esther Williams to be. She is a champ and cool as a cucumber all through it all. She won her two heats and she and her proud fan club celebrated with ice cream and fresh fruit attack at ours after (coffee in my case).




M visualises her goal and listens to the coach. It worked!

Feeling strong and ready for a new week! Now, Mad Men! Oh, and Ove the dog is on the mend and getting back to normal. My fluff love has got 2 very sensitive paws, mouth and asshole, To be quite specific.

Todeloo all you sparks!

Ulrika/ who recently started to think about how to celebrate the big four o coming up in August. There must be tabbouleh and humus for sure. And champagne…

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