I wanna!

Summer is soon here. It is still too cold here in Sweden for thin, summery clothes but some of my favourite shops are out with an array of gorgeous items. A few of the things I would love to be spotted in are;

IMG_1055.PNGA jumpsuit from Marimekko. I would drop the black sandals and instead match them with…

IMG_1049.PNG…these yellow leather flats…or…

IMG_1052.PNG…these gorgeous, half open brogues, or…

IMG_1053.PNG…these wonderful light beige platforms! All shoes above from andotherstories.

You will definitely see me in the styles from monki below;

IMG_1037.PNGGot the skirt, need the shirt!

Looks great with a tan!

IMG_1038.PNGLast year’s kimono trend lingers. And I love it. Now paired with slip ins for a super casual vibe.

IMG_1036.PNGKaftan dress, cool shades and beach hair. Monki, Iove it!


A delicious clutch!

From &otherstories come the below gorgeousness:







All I need now is summer and a good budget…


Dreaming of summer and summer cool.

See you in the shops! Style monkeys everywhere!

Ulrika/ who is in desperate need of a self tanning lotion. Legs are closer to the shade of corpse than anywhere even close to honey glowing olive skin.

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