Rainbow food.

I spent what was left on my salary on glorious food for this weekend. Went all in and chose clean, organic stuff to fill up the fridge and freezer with. I will try and keep these better choices alive and buy locally as much as possible. I am loving to cook and experimenting with healthy fresh food gives so much pleasure. Since being rather strict with my intake right now I am skipping gluten, refined sugars, grain and keeping dairy to a minimum. I am not thinking so much of what I am missing out on as focusing on all the gorgeous things I can enjoy. Here are the weeekend’s cook ups. Recipies, by me:

IMG_1019.JPGCooked K a Friday fritatta maxed with mozarella, bacon and tomatoes.

IMG_1031.JPGPig on a plate with feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and oven grilled veg en masse.


IMG_1097.JPGPink prawn platter with spicy mango salsa and sugar free white peach bubbly.(staying away from alcohol for a while as well).

IMG_1028.JPGMy helpful sous chef is relieved the three week fast is over. Guarding the kitchen (and potential crumbs) like a dog.

IMG_1021.JPGSometimes a fridge make over can be necessary for that extra motivation to cook and eat healthy and clean. Works for me right now.

Sweet potatoes coming up!

Ulrika/ who should be writing the recipes down for future reference.

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