Universe. I hear you.

The universe had its’ say. It all turned out much more than ok. A heavy load lifted from my shoulder and in the same instant the sun came out warming us up. Feeling drained from a huge amount of stress the last week. But a few good sleeps and I will be as good as new! Helped myself a bit on the way with a massage and new high lights and then 1 hr pilates in the gym. Relaxed, happy and relieved.

IMG_1824.PNGTouched up in Salong Happiness.

IMG_1818.JPGFavourite fruit on my tee. Present from my favourite person.

When trying to be mindful I plan the look and feel of our balcony. Quite a few ideas running wild in my head but most of all I would like some nice plants and a little green house.






And when not thinking about plants and potential insects visiting there is the occasional thought about the dress. THE dress…



<a href="

Universe, thank you!

Ulrika/ who finally brought her own yoga mat to the pilates class. The breathing in part when being face down feels more pleasant that way.

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