Nothing bugs me.

Mindful weekend away has given me a boost in many ways. We are back in Skillinge, in the cottage by the sea doing things we love. Sitting in the garden, sunbathing, morning dips, evening dips. long walks, cooking, and planning ahead. We visited our wedding spot and the lovely owners took us by storm. A perfect fit! Our heaven on earth. But that is then. Now is now.

I am on the beach. Sun warming my skin and I have just spent 12 minutes getting to know a little yellow bug crawling on my blanket. I am planning a dip in the sea and will then continue on working on not being bugged.

IMG_1999-1.JPGBeach bug.



IMG_1957.JPGSecret gardens and lovely spaces. Wedding theme kind of.

IMG_2001.JPGDog naps and cuddles.





IMG_1995.JPGComfy cosy. Summer of 2015 agrees with me.

IMG_1989.JPGBreakfast club with the best bunch.

Power weekend worked like magic. Thank you!

Ulrika/ keeping herself busy doing nothing and sorting out how to wear her new crotchless harem pants.

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