Let’s do it outside.

Breakfast, lunch, power naps. We are doing it all on our balcony. I know I am going on about it but after living in a flat without it for several years the outdoor space is a lift. The feeling of being in the air, floating, sneaking on people walking by down in the alley. I love it!

IMG_2081.JPG16 degrees is still warm enough for breakfast al fresco. Wooly blanket comes in handy.



IMG_2082.JPGDinner and rosé, celebrating le 14 Juillet with pink drops from Provence and flowers matching le salmon. Vive la France! Vive le salmon avec le squash linguini!

My thighs are burning from Sunday’s training session but there was still some go left after today’s class. Stiff and sweaty sat by the rowing machine and when Jay-Z’s On to the next one came on in my playlist I was rowing the shit out of the machine. Noisy and sweaty and a little bit mental. So worth it!

IMG_2098.JPGShameless selfie of a proud me who is doing it!

On to the next one and off to bed!

Ulrika/ who is longing for Saturday sooooo much but is pretty happy in this moment too.

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