Sunday socks on.

Most relaxed Sunday for some time. Long forest walk, reading, planning, manicuring, cooking, chatting, snoozing, dog cuddling and all of the above in my pug socks. Charged up and ready to go. A busy time ahead and I am feeling decently prepared. I am whispering it… “Bring it on.” and feeling the strength from theContinue reading “Sunday socks on.”

Stockholm blues.

I swapped sitting at home feeling sorry for myself this weekend to a weekend of discovering my hometown by foot. It seems walking has become one of my favourite weekend things to do. One foot in front of the other. Repeat. Ove the dog on the leash faithfully next to me. To him every newContinue reading “Stockholm blues.”

The golden year.

Today was golden, filling up on the love vibes from my tall blondie M and her miniJ. We haven’t met for two months and miniJ is WALKING! Wobbly but for a person that just turned 10 months she is a trooper. She will grow into an athlete just like her mama. Reunited after summer holidays.Continue reading “The golden year.”


Today I am blogging from my own bed where I haven’t slept since 17th July. I am full of mixed emotions and have spent most of today watching season 2 of House of Cards. Tomorrow routines will start, including sugar detox and spinning class. I am swollen after too many pimms and ice creams. GlossyContinue reading “Abstinence.”

Summer summery pt 3: Fish

Ok, so my summer summaries won’t be as detailed as first hoped since the internet access keeps on failing me. Also I am now posting outside in the sun doing my job as “cleanclotheshangingouttodryneedtoberemovedforanoccasionalthunderstormthatmightbeapproaching”-guard. Fish. Skillinge. Österlen. Skåne. I spent 4 wonderful days with my parents in their friends’ cottage a skip and a hopContinue reading “Summer summery pt 3: Fish”

Lake b****es.

Sunday, summer and sun. We spent a couple of hours by the lake here where I live. They have a section for dogs where Ove the dog, mamma and I enjoyed a few dips along with other dogs and humans. There was Jasper, the German Shepard with arthritis. There was Irma the charming little StaffordshireContinue reading “Lake b****es.”