Nothing bugs me.

Mindful weekend away has given me a boost in many ways. We are back in Skillinge, in the cottage by the sea doing things we love. Sitting in the garden, sunbathing, morning dips, evening dips. long walks, cooking, and planning ahead. We visited our wedding spot and the lovely owners took us by storm. AContinue reading “Nothing bugs me.”

Universe. I hear you.

The universe had its’ say. It all turned out much more than ok. A heavy load lifted from my shoulder and in the same instant the sun came out warming us up. Feeling drained from a huge amount of stress the last week. But a few good sleeps and I will be as good asContinue reading “Universe. I hear you.”

Weekend of fabrics.

This weekend was spent at K’s place which he will be leaving behind as he move into our place in Malmö. It is located not too far from Gothenburg in an area of Sweden well known for its’ textile industry. Saturday was spent visiting the oulets of Kasthall, Ekelunds, Pelle Vävare and we got someContinue reading “Weekend of fabrics.”

Mood walk.

Sleep deprived and a tad weak on the diet regime I have taken on my day felt gloomy. Less productive than I had expected meaning meaningless stress over the todo list tomorrow. After a rainy outing to IKEA and a, by me, cancelled training session I came home disappointed. Some work related issues going onContinue reading “Mood walk.”

Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.

In short. I am so ready for the move. Things are packed and ready to go to the south on Saturday. I have done some of the big cleaning bits and I really cannot wait until I am on the 5 o’clock train on Sunday. Exciting times ahead and when things have settled and weContinue reading “Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.”

Dance off.

New Year, no resolutions! Feeling free and happy and keep on working on the inside and out. Eating good stuff, clean stuff, less sugar and moving lots will get me there in the end. No diets, no detoxes, no crazy amounts of anything. Keeping up my work with mindfulness and working with my life planContinue reading “Dance off.”

Blue sky and elbows.

A weekend of pause is coming to an end. With the help from having lovely chats and plenty of naps and a long walk under a Blue December sky I have decomposed a first week of boot camp. Friday’s class was the hardest and Romeo was angry for some reason and from Monday he willContinue reading “Blue sky and elbows.”

(M)FF please.

For many reasons I am looking forward to a new year. 2014 was not what I would call the time of my life. However, there have been enough magical moments to keep the optimist in me bubbling underneath layers of pain, anxiety and at times self pity. New adventures, more love and challenges and SeasonContinue reading “(M)FF please.”

Magical orchids.

I am 100% back. Ish. Worked out yesterday and was wined and dined by A and E. Starting to feel like a human again! But it was a weird ride health wise. November is dull here in Stockholm! Grey and dark, brown and naked it is difficult to see what is up or down. WhatContinue reading “Magical orchids.”

Sunday socks on.

Most relaxed Sunday for some time. Long forest walk, reading, planning, manicuring, cooking, chatting, snoozing, dog cuddling and all of the above in my pug socks. Charged up and ready to go. A busy time ahead and I am feeling decently prepared. I am whispering it… “Bring it on.” and feeling the strength from theContinue reading “Sunday socks on.”